SunCluster/x86 in 32-bit is there!

By , October 17, 2006 05:33


just got confirmation, that the 32-bit version of SunCluster is available (again). It’s not yet publicly, but if there is enough demand, Cluster Engineering will re-think. So, if you non-Sun people want to play around with a really stable, prooven, renowned HA-solution, send me an email, and I’ll collect, and hopefully, we will find SunCluster/x86 in 32-bit on the official download page (but currently without support, just as everything, that you can download there for free). If you then want that piece supported, we need to get Engineering to re-think the support strategy for this product.

So, applause to SC-Eng for again making it available!

Networks and the iPod?

By , October 17, 2006 04:49

Dan Berg has some interesting insights into the relevance of the iPod in the light of global wireless network coverage. Read his report here: I did also provide some comments on his comments page.

GoogleMaps on the Palm, that’s cool!

By , October 17, 2006 04:31


I just downloaded and installed GoogleMaps on my Palm Treo 650 GSM. That’s great! Highly recommended, just check it out at:

A couple of recommendations for Google:

  • Please add a “disconnect” button, in order for those, that do not have a flat-rate data-plan, so that they can stop the EDGE/GRPS/WhatEver dataconnection to save money.

  • Please add an “overlay” feature, so that we can have satellite plus maps in one image!
  • Just add a “Where am I?” Button, which could read the location info from the “cell” in which my cell-phone (aka I!) currently resides, and map that onto the map… ;-)

Still, I do love it, and it is Version 1.0.0, so there will be enhancements!

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