T-Shirt custom build, ordered “on the net”…

By , September 28, 2007 01:59

Next week we will have our yearly DataCenter Ambassador Conference in Menlo Park. The Week after that we’ll have CEC, our yearly Customer Engineering Conference, where more then 3000 Sunnies from abroad will meet, this year in Las Vegas.

As I will be the moderator of a discussion on virtualization at CEC on the diverse technologies like VMware, Solaris Containers, Xen, LDOMs and the like, we all agreed to wear T-Shirts with the virtualization technology on it, so that it will be easier for the audience to associate speaker-sentences with technology. This will take place on Tuesday just befor ethe party… So be sure to check out the schedule and make sure, you’ll be there…

As I’m the moderator, my role is “Moderator”, so I needed a T-Shirt with that word on it. And, as I will be flying out Sunday, I needed it quick.

On Wednesday, at 5:03:07 PM I placed my order with spreadshirt.net.

Guess, how fast they are? I was really astonished, and highly surprised:

On Thursday, 1:53:26 PM I got the confirmation email, that my shirt was finished and had been handed over to DHL.

Today (aka, Friday) at 8:06:52 AM I got the email from my post-box, that the T-Shirt has been placed in my Postbox.

I really didn’t expect all of them to work that quick, but I really do appreciate it, because now, I can fly over relaxed, as I’m now fully prepared for the things to come…

Highly appreciated!



Automatic composing? How good will this be?

By , September 28, 2007 01:40

Yesterday I saw in a german newsletter, that a person in Germany did create an automatic composing program named “Ludwig”. He did it, as he did his Check-program Fritz. Not by placing the algorithms of composing into the code, but by having the program place note after note, and then evaluating the quality. Even these quality evaluation rules aren’t hardcoded, but are looked up in a DataBase, that can be fed with new information. So, my real questions and concerns are:

  • How Automatic can one make the creative act of composing?
  • Will such things survive and replace “ordinary composers”?

As I asked in http://www.tamino-klassikforum.at I am really curious, but find the idea itself interesting and challenging. Something to watch!


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