My Birthday

By , May 24, 2005 08:02

Today is my Birthday, so I thought, I might use it to start a Blog. You might be wondering, why that?

The simple reason for that is the fact, that I try to work, but too many people pass by to congratulate (and that on a non-special birthday, like the 41st (mathematically speaking, it’s the 42nd, because the day I was born is the first, finishing the first year hits the second birthday,, so I can not do real work. So, in order to at least do something, I thought about starting my Blog.

It’s a nice fact after more then 7 years with Sun, that so many want to come by and shake hands.

And after that long period of living on this planet, Sun is the company that I’m working for for the longest time. Tell’s me something about this company (or the others before Sun).

Before I dive into more specific things later on in this blog, I’d like to give you an idea of the person behind this blog.

As you can derive, I’m 41 now, being born in Frankfurt/Main, Germany, raised in a suburb of Wiesbaden, where I finished school in 1983. I studied Mathematics and Computer Science at the University of Darmstadt, where I finished with my Diploma in January 1990. I then joined a spin-off of the University, the so-called Zentrum fuer Graphische Datenverarbeitung. Some of you might know, that the University of Darmstadt is famous for its contributions to the world of computer graphics. Prof. Encarnacao is among the three renowned professors in the world. I was working on projects with multiple companies, the most notable was Honeywell, where I did help in building the building automation system for the then new airport in Munich. After five years I was transfered to another spin-off, the Fraunhofer Gesellschaft, where I joined the datacenter operations team. I was responsible for setting up the 3rd WWW-conference (the one, that gave birth to java!), and handled all the stuff from web-master, post-master, and all Sun Systems there. As part of my job, I participated in several Sun beta-tests, most notably the Solaris 2.6 Beta-test. I wrote an article about that in german’s iX periodical, which led to Sun’s interest in me. I took no chances at that time and joined Sun at Feb 1st, 1998 as a project engineer in the Professional Services Organisation.

Inside Sun I’ve been working on far to many projects to list here. Main topics where (and still are): HA (aka SunCluster), and lately N1.

I’m a Datacenter Ambassador, Solution Architect, Member of the CETC (Customer Engineering Technical Council) in the Datacenter Practice of the now called Client Solutions Organisation in Germany.

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