FruehjahrsFachGespraech 2008 (FFG2008) (Spring Talks 2008) of the German Unix Users Group

By , March 20, 2008 06:11

Tobias and myself were presenting on our views and perceptions of future architectures for datacenters at the FFG2008 of the GUUG.

Slides can be found on GUUG’s page at:

The German Linux Magazin deemed it necessary to comment on our paper, you can read their comments here (german only).

The lady from the Linux Magazin did not talk to us nor ask us the questions she raised, so we were not able to comment. Let’s state this: The two main points she raises have been answered by us in a totally different way already during the session.

So, in order not to have to repeat, what others already wrote about that, I’ll refer you to the precise and “a point” answer of Jörg Möllenkamp, which can be found here (again, german only).

We still love comments and discussions about the topics in there, so, let the discussion start!


Really sad news…

By , March 7, 2008 10:25

Today I learned, that Jospeh Weizenbaum died the day before yesterday. During my adolescence I did read most of his books, and these books made me think about the implications and the social responsibility that our industry has. He was a great man, a very human IT specialist, and a real forwardlooking technologist.

Joseph, you are missed!


New laptop arrived… ;-)

By , March 4, 2008 07:13

I’m excited, today my new laptop did arrive.

It’s a Toshiba Tecra M9 (Type PTM91E-04Y03WGR) with an additional 1 GB RAM.

So, my topic of the week will be: Setting it up to run Nevada (starting with the actual build 84!), using Live Upgrade to keep it current, and still having Windows (yes, sometimes you simply need it (my DVB-T USB Stick for example only has Linux or Windows drivers, so as I do not want to run Linux, I will need Windows)).

It seems, I will need three primary partitions then:

1. Windows (NTFS)
2. Windows shared Data (FAT32, as Solaris can not yet read NTFS)
3. Solaris

Inside Solaris I will set up multiple slices, one for the BE (Boot Environment) one for the ABE (alternate Boot Environment) and one for use with ZFS (to host /home, /export/home, and the images for xVM Server and VirtualBox).

Then I will add VirtualBox, Compiz and will set up the “Suspend to RAM” feature as described in the entry before…

So, stay tuned! I’m living in exciting times and environments!


Power Management on Solaris/x86

By , March 3, 2008 06:32

information can be found here!

Great News!


New Episode of “Heldenfunk”…

By , March 3, 2008 05:31

And now in Heldenfunk a new episode featuring Tobias, Detlef, Uli, Innotek (VirtualBox), the Solaris Container “Leitfaden” and myself… ;-)

Enjoy (if you can listen to german)!


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