Solaris Cluster is now OpenSource!

By , May 30, 2008 02:47

It’s been a long time, but now we’ve made it (and even 6 months in advance to our original planning!) (and it’s worth a new blog entry, long overdue!):

The complete Solaris Cluster is now OpenSource! This is the FIRST commercial HA solution to go OpenSource, and as it is also the leader in this market-space, it’s a well-known product, and not some “Toolkit” for creating semi-reliable-HA solutions. It’s the whole thing, all in total, all OpenSource.

It’s “new” name is “Open High Availability Cluster”. Open HA Cluster is part of OpenSolaris, available in the HA Clusters Community Group on

I’ll copy some links, that Nicolas Solter did send out to us internally (so this is attributed to Nick):

for the source code and more information.

Listen to a podcast with Meenakshi Kaul-Basu, Director of Availability Products:

Read the official press release:


Solaris Cluster is Sun’s High Availability Cluster offering.

The open source code does not include some encumbered Solaris Cluster source code. Nonetheless, users can build a completely usable HA Cluster from this source with Sun Studio 11.

Also available is source for parts of the Solaris Cluster Automated Test Environment (SCATE), source for the Solaris Cluster man pages, and source for Solaris Cluster Globalization (G11N).

So far my copy and paste from Nick’s Email…


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