New laptop arrived… ;-)

By , March 4, 2008 07:13

I’m excited, today my new laptop did arrive.

It’s a Toshiba Tecra M9 (Type PTM91E-04Y03WGR) with an additional 1 GB RAM.

So, my topic of the week will be: Setting it up to run Nevada (starting with the actual build 84!), using Live Upgrade to keep it current, and still having Windows (yes, sometimes you simply need it (my DVB-T USB Stick for example only has Linux or Windows drivers, so as I do not want to run Linux, I will need Windows)).

It seems, I will need three primary partitions then:

1. Windows (NTFS)
2. Windows shared Data (FAT32, as Solaris can not yet read NTFS)
3. Solaris

Inside Solaris I will set up multiple slices, one for the BE (Boot Environment) one for the ABE (alternate Boot Environment) and one for use with ZFS (to host /home, /export/home, and the images for xVM Server and VirtualBox).

Then I will add VirtualBox, Compiz and will set up the “Suspend to RAM” feature as described in the entry before…

So, stay tuned! I’m living in exciting times and environments!


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  1. Anonymous says:

    You will run windows on a real partition (i.e., dual-boot) instead of in a VirtualBox VM on Solaris? Why is that? I’m curious because I am considering how to redo my own laptop now that VitualBox is available to use on Solaris as a host OS.

  2. That’s a simple question: Because there are a couple of pieces inside that laptop, that can’t be passed trough to the virtualisation layer, because Solaris does not have a driver for it:

    1.) WinModem
    2.) SD Card slot
    3.) Only one PCMCIA slot, and I do not want to occupy that with a pcmcia modem or sd-card adapter or such…

    With time, OpenSolaris will become aware of these, so those will be less of an issue.

    But: Toshiba’s BIOS Update Utility still is a windows .exe and needs direct access to the BIOS… (AFAIK)


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