GoogleMaps on the Palm, that’s cool!

By , October 17, 2006 04:31


I just downloaded and installed GoogleMaps on my Palm Treo 650 GSM. That’s great! Highly recommended, just check it out at:

A couple of recommendations for Google:

  • Please add a “disconnect” button, in order for those, that do not have a flat-rate data-plan, so that they can stop the EDGE/GRPS/WhatEver dataconnection to save money.

  • Please add an “overlay” feature, so that we can have satellite plus maps in one image!
  • Just add a “Where am I?” Button, which could read the location info from the “cell” in which my cell-phone (aka I!) currently resides, and map that onto the map… ;-)

Still, I do love it, and it is Version 1.0.0, so there will be enhancements!

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