CEC2006: Day two, the afternoon…

By , October 3, 2006 16:32

After the morning sessions were over (check the blogs of the others, that you can access via the technorati tag cec2006), I was a little lazy, and only visited one session.

And that was the session given by our nice lady of marketing from the N1 marketing Team, Renu Motwani, on “Managing Business Services with N1”. It’s been a nice introductory session, providing information on the individual pieces from the N1 portfolio, and how they all mix and match together. As I’m deep into that, that was not the kind of information for me, but there were some in that session, that seemed to be the right audience. I’m curious, as to how that kind of basic info did not yet come through to all of Sun’s field folks… ;-)

So, now it’s up to me to give my speech together with Hartmut Streppel on: “Not Supported” and what it all means… ;-)

See you in room 2022 in a couple of minutes… ;-)


CEC2006: Again: Backstage

By , October 3, 2006 08:12

After the sessions yesterday, I joined Constantin Gonzalez for his daily podcast on the events of the day. I did report on the two provisioning sessions mentioned above. So, for those internal to Sun, check Constantin’s Blog for the links.

Cindy Hill, who runs Sun Library, made a great announcement during that podcast: Saturn, the online Library with over 4000 publications will be online for every Sunnie starting today, so go, check it out!

And just to give you an idea: Yesterday during the general sessions we got around 120 email messages, more then 500 text messages, and uncounted AIM chats. So, sorry for those, whose input didn’t make it to the front screens, there simply were too much. If we would have allowed to let them all go through un-edited, you would not have been able to read, because they would have been running (rushing) across the screen…

So, today for the second round: I’ll be checking your emails again, and forwarding them to Brian Down, who is the mixer of all the three incoming streams (SMS: +1-415-430-5833, email: ceclive@sun.com, AIM: ceclive), which will then be placed nicely on screen by Constantin Gonzalez. SMS had been handled by Franz Haberhauer yesterday, today it will be Kris Buggenhout and Kris, AIM is handled by Erik Fischer, and, as mentioned, email is done by myself.

So, again: Enjoy the show, and send in, what you feel and like to ask!


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