First CEC2006 breakout sessions today…

By , October 2, 2006 17:58

So, after lunch, I went to a couple of sessions.

I started with my Colleague Tim Read, and his session on how to “provision Oracle 10g R2 RAC with N1 SPS”. This was a mixed session, preso plus demo!

Great session, and although he claimed his software (which will become part of the standard N1 SPS plugin collection, and therefore is close to being productized) to be pre-alpha, I have seen worse software, that claims to be at least 1.0…

So, this set of two plugins will enable the user of N1 SPS to install, start, stop, and scale Oracle 10g R2 RAC installation, together with SunCluster, and it is written in a way, that it also will be able to be applicable to already done installations to enhance the overall management possibilities.


Then I went to Jason Carolan’s and Mikael Lofstrand’s session on “Dynamic Infrastructure: Presentation and Demo”. After Jason’s standard disclaimer, that this is field stuff, and not yet ready for customer usage, they did present on their approach to create a framework for plugging in app-deployment on the third tier together with a set of scripts to enable network components to be managed and configured according to the applications needs.

As it was slightly “hacked”, it did suffer a little bit, compared to Tim’s excellent Oracle PlugIn demo. Still:

Great Stuff!

After that I went in to the two architects on the global Vodafone team, Olaf Schnapauff and Adrian Johns to listen to their presentation on “Successfully re-architecting one of Sun’s largest Customers – Sun’s Vodafone Engagement”.

As this was more around the engagement process, it might have been a little bit boring for the geeks, aka, those, that are only interested in deep dive technical detailed stuff. Still, they presented lots on how to help a big innovation company (and Telcos in the mobile industry need to innovate to keep customers or get new customers!) on being innovative. This is one of Sun’s largest users of T1000 and T2000 servers (more then 500!), and they have achieved large cost savings in doing so. Just check the joined webpage for more information. Overall, Sun is not leading in this engagement with technology, but with also innovation.

Rating: great stuff

That’s it for now, more later!


First general CEC session

By , October 2, 2006 09:14

Again, this is a message from the CEC2006:

I’m sitting backstage, being the transfer agent from the emails coming in to to the on-stage display station, and that works reasonable well… Although there aren’t that many messages coming in… :-)

The sad thing about this is: Sitting backstage, I don’t get that much from front-stage, so I might not be able to comment much on the general sessions at all…

Still: Enjoy the CEC!


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