CEC2006: The end, my friend… ;-)

By , October 4, 2006 18:11

As mentioned earlier, I was backstage again at the closing general sessions, again doing the email-to-stage conversion. As usual, when we do have celebrities on stage (and: Yes, it was Jonathan!), there is little feedback creeping in from the field. Still, we got enough to keep JIS busy answering the different topics. Most important for me was his statement w.r.t. us OEM-ing or not OEM-ing Windows on our x64-based servers. It’s a clear statement:

As the hardware gets commodity, guess who will be the one making money in a competitive bid: HP? IBM? Sun? If only they would… ;-) It’s Microsoft, and no-one else. So, folks, do not expect us to anytime soon OEM-ing MS, although they are great business partners for us. Solaris is one of our core competencies, so let’s embrace that.

The future will show, how well we did in doing so, but only, if you all propose it earnest and eagerly.

The second topic, that always comes up, is the question w.r.t. when Jonathan will get rid of his ponytail. We had the lucky situation, that we got an sms stating: “No, it wont go!”, and Jonathan laughed and said (as we put the first 5 numbers of the phonenumber on stage): “That’s probably my wife, so you got your answer!”

With that, I’m closing down my reports from the CEC2006, and want to give a summary, from my limited view:

a.) This was the first time, I had been on the staff (and the forth time I had the honour to go the the CEC), so I did miss the atmosphere in the big crowded general sessions, and couldn’t completely follow the messages delivered by the VIPs.

b.) As I have been a speaker myself during two session blocks, I couldn’t visit to many other sessions.

Still, what I did hear from others, and I can second that: It was a great conference, did provide us all with a good thrill, and makes us leave for home with much new energy.

P.S.: The videos shall be on sun.feedroom.com and Sun internally on mediaproduction.sfbay


CEC2006: End of Day two and Day three…

By , October 4, 2006 11:04

Good morning everyone,

this is the third and last day of the CEC2006, again, a very great conference and experience! Continuing my entries from yesterday, Hartmut and me were giving our talk on “Not Supported” and how this effects sales and can be circumvented. We had a lot of discussions with the people in the talk during the sessions (and afterwards!), and we had the impression, that they liked, what we were talking about. We only had 10 slides, but the “participation age” took of, and even happened in these presos.

And after that, we had the annual CEC Party, check out the others blogs on videos and comments on that.

This morning did start with again breakout sessions, and Ulrich Graef and myself were giving a talk on “Solaris 10 Zones – Best practices and N1 SPS Implementation”. Uli and I had the impression, that those who were there got news to take away back home, and positively, none fell asleep after a long night of partying.

Now, I’m again sitting backstage and am desperately awaiting incoming emails (please send them, we need questions!) to present to all the folks front-stage.

Next on stage will be Jonathan, giving the last preso of the CEC this year. We all await him, and expect to be enthrilled!


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