Winetasting, again…

By , October 31, 2006 12:06

I do live in Darmstadt, Germany, as mentioned before, and here we do have a renowned “provider” or “supplier” of mainly southern european good foods, including olive-oil, and wines: E. Molina in the Adelungstr. 3. They also do provide, twice a year, a customer winetasting event in the so-called Prinz-Emil-Schlösschen, which is an open event during two days. Last weekend was the fall re-occurence of this for this year. They charge 15,- EURO to try to cover costs, but looking at the amount of available stuff, I do doubt, that the money covers the costs. They even offer a refund, if you buy some of the stuff later on in their shops (you can do so for a month) for more than 60,- EUR. In total, there were about 220 wines, proseccos, oils, grappa, etc. available for tasting.

We went there with some friends, and started with a prosecco. As I’m more the dry wine drinker, I also choose a dry one, namely the Prosecco Spumante Brut from Nino Franco from Valdobbiadene. I’m not a great fan of proseccos, so I can’t really comment on this one. It was fine, is all, I can say.

We then went over to one of the spanish tables to grab a couple of spanish wines to go with the dinner-snacks: bread with cheese, salami, olives.

After the snack, we continued with some italian red wines, and then returned to spanish ones. After a long series, we finally decided to finish with Grappa and/or Brandy. I did not note the order, I only made short notes. And, we all knew quite well, what we wanted, so overall, we didn’t have many failures.

We had a nice long evening, with many wines tasted. The next day, we didn’t have headaches, so, we really enjoyed the evening!

Overall, I did taste (short comments in brackets):

  • Villa Pigna, Offida, Marken
    • Vergaio, Rosso Piceno Superiore DOC, 2001 (good!!)
    • Rosso Vellutato IGT marche, 2003 (good for meals!!)
    • Briccaio, Vellutato IGT Marche, 2001 (very good!)
    • Rozzano IGT Marche, 2003 (very good!!)
  • Azienda Agricola Pecchenino, Dogliani(CN), Piemont
    • Quass, Barbera D’Alba, DOC, 2004 (very good, but still needs to rest some time)
  • Fontanafredda, Serralunga D’Alba e Barolo, Piemont
    • Raimonda, Barbera D’Alba, DOC, 2003 (good, but still needs some time to rest)
    • Barolo Serralunga D’Alba, DOCG, 2001 (very good!!)
  • Alessandro De Conciliis e figli, Prignano, Kampanien
    • Donnaluna Aglianico, IGT Paestum, 2005 (good, but smells very good!)
  • Fattoria Villa Matilde, Cellole, Kampanien
    • Falerno del Massico Rosso DOC, 2003 (good with meals, light)
    • Aglianico, IGT, Rocca dei Leoni, 2005 (this was not my taste, and it was too new)
  • Azienda Agricola Maculan, Breganze, Venetien
    • Palazzotto, Cabernet Sauvignon Breganze DOC, 2004 (very good!!)
    • Torcolato, DOC, 2003 (very good, also as a desert-wine)
  • Cantina Cortegiara, Cortegiara, Venetien
    • Amarone della Valpolicella Classico, DOC, 2003 (very good!!)
    • Recioto della Valpolicella DOC, 2002 (very good, also as a desert-wine)
  • Tenimenti Angelini, Montepulciano, Toskana
    • Val di Suga, Brunello di Montalcino, DOCG, 2001 (very good!!)
  • Bodegas Castaño, Yecla, D.O. Yecla
    • Pozuelo Crianza D.O. Yecla, 2003 (well-known, this is the 2003, good!!)
  • Bodegas Sierra Salina, Villena, D.O. Alicante
    • Puerto Salinas, D.O. Alicante, 2003 (good!!)
  • Selección de la casa: Vinos Paco Molina
    • PACO MOLINA “Prestigio” D.O. Yecla, 2004 (good!)
    • PACO MOLINA “Expresión” D.O. Yecla, 2003 (very good, but only with meals)
  • Bodega Casa Juan, Laguardia, Rioja Alavesa
    • Cuarteto, Tinto Crianza, D.O.C. Rioja, 2002, Selección Molina (tastes similar like the next, but only costs half!)
    • Cuarteto, Tinto Reserva D.O.C. Rioja, 2001, Selección Molina (good!)
  • And we finished with: Rocca delle Macie, Castellina in Chianti, Toskana
    • Here we had a Grappa and a Brandy, very, very, very good. I didn’t note the names… ;-(
  • And we started with:
    • Prosecco Spumante Brut, Nino Franco, Valdobbiadene, DOC

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  1. A. Kampanien says:

    I prefer italien wine very much. But spanish is also very good. Anyway: Italiens are the best !!!

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