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By , November 8, 2006 07:06

On sunday, it’s been the first time, that I did visit the only UNESCO Nature heritage, that Germany has:

Grube Messel (Messel Pit Fossil Site)

There are many cultural, but only one natural in Germany. And it’s really close to me, so shame on me… ;-)

The thing, that’s most interesting about Messel is the fact, that it’s post-dinosaur (dinosaurs vanished about 65 million years ago), and provides an insight into the early years of highly developed mammals (a period of 1.5 million years around 45 million years ago). What’s even better is, that it’s possible to retrieve structures from stomach-contents, colours of insects, etc, etc…

And the best is: Originally that’s a place, that should become a big garbage dump, which, if used as such, would have destroyed all that evidence… Joschka Fischer, our former foreign minister did rescue that site during his second period of minister of environments for the state of Hessen (he’s been the first minister from the green party in local german government).

As with all these sites, it’s important to have a good guide, and we had one! We learnt quite a bit, and enjoyed it a lot.

Highly recommended!

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