Small thoughts on Tuesday’s General Sessions…

By , October 9, 2007 15:26

This morning sessions were cut into two: One internal to Sun and CEC, and one being a product launch.

Being backstage I can give a little more feedback on the diverse communities, the Sun/CEC folks and the launch-attending folks are w.r.t. WEB 2.0 perception…

This years input from the Sun/CEC community w.r.t. questions and messages coming in via email or IM or SMS was at least double the size of last year’s CEC. In the first day alone, we had something like 900 messages. These came in during the sessions on Monday morning, the so-called General Sessions.

The Launch-attending folks were way more quiet (approx. 80 messages only, still most from Sun/CEC folks), so it seems, that these are diverse in their perception and the use of the internet. I will not comment further, conclusions are left to the reader here…



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