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By , October 9, 2007 15:44

As tomorrow will already be the close of CEC, I try to write the summary from Tuesday’s session as early as I can, so here we go:

The first one I went to was a session from Rich Zippel on Redshift, Virtualization and DataCenters. I should have choosen a better slot… Rich tried to map DataCenter layouts and buying and development trends onto each other, coming up with different images of representations for them. Nice, but I didn’t actually see the real value in that. His summary slide, which he reached after 35 minutes (he could have been talking officially for an hour, that’s the length for each presentation) simply stated: The thing that I wanted to relay to you is the simple fact, that readshift and blueshift companies are different… Oh, Boy, that’s why we have two different words for them… ;-)

The next session was from Christian Bandulet and is entitled: The File System Survey: local, distributed, global, object, shared, clustered, parallel, SAN, NAS, FAN, WAFS…?

Boy, if ever I thought, storage was simple, I was completely mistaken!

Christian did an outstanding job in segmenting and structuring the products and technologies. I now have a crystal clear understanding of all of these things (and much more), and do honestly know, why we need a Storage Practice! Christian, hats up!

And now, I’m just spending a slot to write these summaries…



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