Andy backstage!

By , October 8, 2007 10:19

Check out again my picasaweb page, Andy backstage, as usual really busy!



The start, my friend

By , October 8, 2007 08:37

Good morning folks,

today is the BIG day, CEC really starts. We backstage are all eagerly looking forward to serving you with the new nice messaging technology we’ve set up for you!

Yesterday CEC started with the Welcome Reception. The nice thing about Las Vegas is, that we do have much more space for the Demo Booths and that was nice yesterday, as the Reception did take place in between the booths. So, having a chat with all the partners, that do exhibit there, while still having the chance to get something to eat and drink, was really cool. Additionally we this year do have much more partners (that also do sponsor some of this event!) with us.

Another reason is the fact, that we will have a big product announcement on Tuesday, so stay tuned!

After all the preparation, we yesterday diced to go to Gordon Biersch’s after the Welcome reception. We being Hartmut Streppel, Eric Bezille, Constantin Gonzalez and myself. As Constantin did provide the Podcasts last year, he also will be podcasting this year. So, we four created the first CEC 2007 podcast last night at the Gordon Biersch’s, which you can find at

So, with these introductory words: Enjoy this year’s CEC!



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