CEC 2007: Again: Behind the scenes…

By , October 3, 2007 09:28

This year again, I will be backstage during the Keynotes acting again as the Editor of the email stream coming in besides IM and SMS and via the microphones to act as WEb 2.0 channels for feedback. All the others from last year will also be there behind the scenes…

So, stay tuned for updates from “Behind the scenes”.



Time to read again

By , October 3, 2007 08:55

On my way to the US again this year, it’s been time to read. 11 hours on a plane can get boring… So, I went to the Airport bookstore in Frankfurt and skimmed the available englisch paperbacks. I left the store with three books, more on that later…

During the first hours, I finished reading Peter Glotz’s book “Von Heimat zu Heimat”, his recollections of his political career in the Fed Rep of Germany. The last chapters sounded a little bit disillusioned and skeptical as to the future of the political class worldwide.

Then I started to read one of the books, I bought at the airport store, the new book from Elizabeth George, What came before he shot her, because the text on the back did imply it to be a new Lynley book. I’m one third through, but Havers nor Lynley did appear so far, still it’s interesting and a good read.

In the airport store I did meet a biologist from Chicago also scanning the books. I did propose to read Frank Schätzing’s The Swarm, but he said, that he doesn’t like to read science fiction, so I recommended Henning Mankell’s Chronicler of the winds, which he took. Sadly, I didn’t exchange addresses, so I will not know, whether my recommendation suited him.

I also used the time on the plan to read very old newspapers that kept piling up on my table at home…

With that I arrived refreshed at San Francisco and drove to the hotel.



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