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By , March 15, 2010 11:00

In I wrote, that I bought a new motherboard. It did arrive on Friday, and as I still don’t have a new case (I ordered the Chenbro ES34069 today, sadly, in Europe, it’s only available with PSU, waste of money, but I’m willing to spend it for the size and features of the case), I simply put it into the old case, and left the case open. I also did not yet connect the external USB disks via SATA, will be done, when the new case arrives.

So, did my feelings mislead me? No! I simply unplugged the boot disk from the old board, removed an additional IDE converter (the new board has the smaller, but power-including IDE cable setup, so no need for additional power cables to the boot disk!), plugged the disk into the board, connected the power-switch and external PSU to the board, pressed the power button, quickly checked the BIOS setting (no need to change anything, default values were good, but I will later turn on the “shutdown on overheating” option), pressed “e” when grub came up, and added a “-r” to the boot-line, and pressed “b”. First step, I didn’t have the USB disks connected, but I could have done so, things went straight forward, and the system came up. On the second reboot I added the USB disks, and again, all went well. The ONLY two small changes, I needed to do, were:

mv /etc/hostname.rge0 /etc/hostname.rge1
vi /etc/power.conf

Reason for that?

The new board has a slightly different RealTek network adapter, so it could not re-use the old settings, and did create a new device, namely rge1. And, for sure, the hardware paths to the boot disk and the USB disks are slightly different, so I needed to adopt the values in the /etc/power.conf file to the new values.

That’s been it! And, although the board has a CPU fan, that fan is so quiet, I don’t really hear it, although the current case is open. I can highly recommend that board!

Stay tuned for the next update somewhen this week, when the new case will arrive!


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