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By , June 6, 2006 09:40


long time ago, but still not widely known… ;-) So I need to remind you:

Open Storage Program for SunCluster (OSP)

Around christmas 2001 (yes, really, that long ago), I did ask a simple question on a Sun-internal technical (not sales!) alias dealing with SunCluster. The question was something like:

How much more Sun Servers can you sell, if we would simply say “YES” instead of “NO” to the question of SunCluster in connection with non-Sun storage?

Within a week, I got listings of opportunities summing up to a 3 digit million dollar number (and remember: servers were more expensive in those days).

That then simply started the OSP. Today that OSP covers nearly every major storage vendor, so, SunCluster can be used in conjunction with nearly every thinkable storage solution.

And, what’s more: These configs have higher value, because all involved parties did testings, and certifications, and do support these configs.

So, again: Just check:

Open Storage Program for SunCluster (OSP)

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