The afternoon of Wednesday

By , October 11, 2007 11:58

Sitting at the airport, waiting for my laptop batteries to drown, I’ll quickly add some more comments.

We finished with a podcast, that you can listen to on Constantin’s CEC Podcast website. You can hear background noise, while the stage is being torn down.

As the international folks are leaving on Thursday, we had the afternoon off, and did some sightseeing. Together with Dave Levy, Mike Ramchand, Olaf Schnapauff, Eric Bezille, Hartmut Streppel we went to Aureol’s in Mandalay Bay. This is a huge wine restaurant and lounge, and we shared two bottles for good redwine. This restaurant hosts a glass tube approx. 4 stories high, which contains all those wines. In order to retrieve one, an employee, the “Wine engine Angel” needs to climb and get it. Very appreciated, we like it there!

Dinner we had a the Tapas Bar in Fashion Show, together with some of our french colleagues, and the winner of the Video Blogging Contest, Dave Tong. In total we were 15 people, so we had the waiter bring us an assortment of the tapas, and then some assortments of the deserts. Again, we selected a couple of different wines during dinner, and the bootle of desert-wine, we had at the end, can be seen on my picasaweb webpage. This was a very good wine, we all were really sad, that we had only one…

So, with these impressions, my batteries come to an end, and I will finish this report, return to reading and hopefully a safe flight home from Las Vegas via Denver to Frankfurt.



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