Sun & Oracle (or Oracle & Sun): tons of opportunities!

By , April 20, 2009 05:58

Now that we heard and read about the acquisition of Sun by Oracle, let’s look out to what lies ahead of us:

Tons of opportunities!

Just a small sample of my braindumps:

  • Combining Oracle and the Sun Cloud
  • Sun Cluster will get more important then ever
  • There is a bright future for Solaris
  • Sparc will continue

  • Lot’s of appliances coming, we just started with Amber Road

So, I think, this is a really good day!


4 Responses to “Sun & Oracle (or Oracle & Sun): tons of opportunities!”

  1. Mohamed Fouad says:

    What will happen to the JCP?? MySQL??

    Sun+Oracle Clouds vs GAE??

    Personally, I think its a GREAT time for SpringSource and Grails – with GAE support…

  2. Barry says:

    I think this is horrible news.
    Pretty much everything that made Sun good is going to disappear in the mediocrity of Oracle.

    Netbeans? Replaced with Eclipse
    JCP? Oracle owns it to the point where IBM should consider forking away from it
    Java? Doomed… the jokes about String2 are already all over the net.
    MySQL? Hah… time to jump to Postgresql

  3. close observer says:

    I think what you are writing is extremly wishful thinking. ORACLE will cut Sun in pieces, they have no interest in hardware business…the future will tell

  4. You’re all right: Time will tell! But: We don’t know nothing yet, so your pessimism also has no sound base…

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