Petabytes and the Backblaze Pod… ;-(

By , September 3, 2009 04:50

A new company name Backblaze announced the petabyte storage pod:

I’m curious as to WHY any data-security concious person should want to hand over petabytes of storage to a NON-ZFS based storage solution?

But, there’s hope: You could run the solution, that Nexenta uses directly from the OpenSolaris download page, and use that instead. I did not try it, but to me it seems feasable.

I personally would not trust Linux with so much storage! Silent data corruption on such a box is a desater waiting to happen!


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  1. Wes W. says:

    Ha ha ha… and only ONE boot drive! Sehr gut!!

  2. Oh and wait ’til one of the two power supply fails. A whole new concept: 1 – 1 Power Supplies. If one fails, the whole box is toast :).

    The box clearly assumes that if the whole box fails, another box must take over. This may make sense in a very large cloud setting. But if the box is the FRU, I fail to see the supposedly superior economics: These things are gonna die like flies…

  3. Mads says:

    The simple trick is to have a large enough pile of boxes that you can keep copies of you data on multiple boxes.
    Which could be done using something like hadoop or simple copying around.
    The real downside is performance – see zfs-discuss for calculations. This would likely be a very slow bit of storage.

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