CloudCamp Frankfurt

By , September 29, 2009 05:03

Yesterday I had been visiting CloudCamp Frankfurt. You can follow what many of the attendees had been saying by following the #cloudcampfra Twitter hashtag. Some photos can also be found at Flickr. The list of participants can be found at:

So, what were my impressions?

First: I like the Museum of Moving Images (Filmmuseum) in Frankfurt, it’s a really nice place, and has a very attractive cinema with a really good program.

So, this location has been selected to host CloudCampFRA: It’s obvious, that it’s not a congress center, but given the relatively small number of participants, the selection was a good one. A small caveat: The main presentations should have been given in the downstairs cinema. That would have solved the heat problem and the L-shaped audience…

The lightning talks were nothing new for me, as I already had been giving a lot of thoughts to clouds. Some were entertaining, some simply didn’t contain anything new. For more details, check Philipp Strube’s feedback, which sadly is in german only.

So, what’s the overall feedback?

I have been missing discussions and lightning talks on the “Trust” aspect, which currently (IMHO) prevents a widespread adoption of clouds.

Security is only (mostly) seen as a technical problem, not also as a trust problem.

Google did withdraw its participation on very short notice, I would have loved to discuss Google Wave and its influence on future Cloud-shaping.

The discussions in the workshops and during Networking at the beginning and during lunch snack breaks were very good!


P.S.: Thanks to Dirk Schneider from I did learn that the trust problem at least seems solvable, they don’t have those talks any more. That’s a good sign!

P.P.S.: Next #cloudcampfra will be in approx 6 months.

P.P.P.S.: Thanks for organizing, it was worth spending the time!

UPDATE: P.P.P.P.S.: Mark Masterson, organizer, did write his feedback here.
P.P.P.P.P.S.: Slides are here.

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